Kelly Cooke Home Builders

Kelly received his degree in Criminal Justice after high school. To support himself through college, he worked in the wood working industry, getting firsthand experience at carpentry and construction. After college, he went on to work for a home security firm in the Hickory area. This gave Kelly even more exposure to the home construction industry. Eventually, he would put on his entrepreneur hardhat, and begin his own custom home construction firm in 2000. Today, Kelly and his team are still helping customers with their custom home projects throughout the tri-county area.

Kelly and his wife, Kathryn, live in the Granite Falls, NC area. Kathryn is a registered nurse at a local OBGYN clinic. She also helps Kelly with design and planning for customer projects. They and their 12 year old daughter, Madelyn, enjoy living in Western North Carolina and frequent the mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway often.

To get Kelly started on your project, contact him today.    You can also find Kelly via Facebook .       828-610-8171